Our barcode

As experts in industrial labels, we offer our skills and experience to help you create your barcode labels. Whether you need fixed or progressive (i.e. serialized) numbering, we will take care of adding all your variable information to your barcode labels.

Customized barcode labels

DB Tech will help you choose your barcode labels. As each client has its own unique needs, activities, and constraints, we will study your project and guide you through your choice of:

  • format
  • material: paper or plastic
  • adhesive: permanent, removable, or replaceable
  • code type: QR code, data matrix, UPC, IFC, EAN, etc.
  • printing technology: thermal transfer or direct thermal printing
  • the printer

A personalized service to help you design the barcode label you need, from the latest to the most specific barcodes. Contact us now about your project.


The advantages of DB Tech: an assortment of barcode readers for your labels

In addition to helping you choose your label type, we offer a broad assortment of barcode readers for your labels. Comprehensive support to offer you the best possible “all-inclusive” service.

Contact us right away for more information.