of activity

Tracing and identifying a product is integral to securing and mastering the chains of production and distribution. The same is at stake once the product reaches the end consumer. Our intervention areas thus include numerous sectors.

We adapt to your requirements regardless of your area of activity


  • Electronics

Energy class of electronic equipment,
tracing electronics parts during assembly


  • Chemical products

Logistics follow-up
Pictogram warning of a dangerous product in accordance with the global harmonized labelling system (GHS)
Identification of the contents of a barrel or jerrycan



  • Pneumatics
    Logistical follow-up from manufacture to placement on the market Performance scale in accordance with applicable EU regulations


  • Transport
    Identification of engine compartment parts (battery, starter, recommended oils to use, etc.), the car body, passenger compartment, cockpit,
    Illustrated warning labels




  • Pharmaceutical

    Ensuring logistical follow-up
    Guaranteeing product integrity


    • Food

    Logistical follow-up and cold chain compliance
    Consumer information
    Ensuring package seals



This list is non-exhaustive as our clients come from a diverse range of sectors; however, they all have at least one thing in common: labeling to identify and trace their products reliably